Scientific Illustrations

Shown are published scientific illustrations from my portfolio. During my undergraduate, I started a scientific illustration business to learn about research opportunities and support the cost of college as a first-generation student.

Symposium Poster for the NIH National Cancer Institute. Commissioned by Dr. Giorgio Trinchieri, Chief of the Laboratory of Integrative Cancer Immunology, Center for Cancer Research, National Cancer Institute.

Graphical Abstract, (In Prep) Evaluating AAV Capsid and Promoter Combinations to Achieve Cell Specific Gene Expression in Astrocytes, Microglia, Neurons, Oligodendrocytes, and Neural Progenitors.

Figures 4.1, 4.2, 4.4, 4.6, 4.9, and 4.10, Biedrzycki, AH (2019). Dynamic Compression vs. Locking Plating – Is One “Better”? A Review of Biomechanical Principles and in vitro Testing. In M. D. Barnhart & K. C. Maritato (Eds.), Locking Plates in Veterinary Orthopedics (pp 25-39). Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Figure 1, Dennis A. Steindler, Brent A. Reynolds (2017). “Perspective: Neuroregenerative Nutrition,” Advances in Nutrition.DOI: 10.3945/an.117.015388

Figures 1, 3, and 4, Benjamin S. Spearman, Vidhi H. Desai, Sabha Mobini, Matthew D. McDermott, James B. Graham, Kevin J. Otto, Jack W. Judy, Christine E. Schmidt (2017). “Tissue-Engineered Peripheral Nerve Interfaces,” Advanced Functional Materials, 2017 DOI: 10.1002/adfm.201701713

Figures 1 and 2, Hunter S. Futch, Cara L. Croft, Van Q. Truong, Eric G. Krause, Todd E. Golde. "Targeting psychological stress signaling pathways in Alzheimer's disease,” Molecular Neurodegeneration, 2017, Volume 12, Number 1, Page 1. DOI: 10.1186/s13024-017-0190-z

Functional sculptures of Aedes aegypti mosquitoes for press interviews. Commissioned by Dr. Brad Willenberg, Internal Medicine, University of Central Florida

Figure 11, Brad J. Willenberg, Philip G. Koehler, Christopher D. Batich, George Georgiades. Patent # US 9,258,988 B2, 2016

Public Art & Sci Exhibitions

Art was one of the first techniques I used as a kid to understand the world around me, experiment with things, and tap into my creativity. I design and build interactive sculptures to help others engage with difficult concepts and unlock unconventional ways of learning.

Press about the at the National Arts & Humanities Month Celebration which I helped lead and organize

Front page photo featuring my crowdsourced art project at the National Arts & Humanities Month Celebration

Outdoor Tree Gallery which I curated at the National Arts & Humanities Month Celebration

Public painting activity at the National Arts & Humanities Month Celebration

Dance troupe performing at the National Arts & Humanities Month Celebration

Student band performing at the National Arts & Humanities Month Celebration


2019 Helped Dr. Chanelle Case-Borden at NCI with a hands-on engineering and problem-solving workshop to challenging NIH scientists and high school students to create “surgical” tools to dissect cancerous and healthy cells exhibited at the National Library of Medicine

2019 Interactive exhibit focusing on engaging participants with multisensory science through tasting experiments at N.Y.C. Photoville in collaboration with the New York Academy of Sciences and Guerilla Science

2019 Interactive exhibit at D.C. CivicFest challenging participants to solve science trivia by drawing it out and engaging the public on principles of creativity in innovation and science


2018 Virtual reality showcase where participants can step into a simulation of D.C. after a bomb detonation and explore decision-making strategies for disaster response planning


2017 Interactive 8’x8’ art piece where 1200+ TEDxUF participants connect thousands of numbered dots to collectively create an alligator swimming and sign their names to claim their role in the creation of the piece


2016 Interactive 7’x8’ wooden data visualization survey called “What Makes You..?” where participants connect keyword nodes they identify with to answer a series of subtly piercing questions, inspired by artists Dorota Grabkowska and Kuba Kolec

2016 Sculpture exploring the concept of saltwater intrusion into the Florida aquifer system exhibited at the University of Florida Fine Arts College GaryStudio; created in collaborative scientist–artist teams through the Lab Experiments in Art + Science Program


2015 Curated an outdoor tree gallery of collected artwork created by students at the National Arts and Humanities Month Pop-Up Culture Celebration Event

2015 Interactive 6'x8' wooden canvas where participants recreate the Mona Lisa out of 14,000 rubber bands over 2 weeks with 1 line of instructions in order to cultivate sense of collective ownership of the art piece as well as community with fellow strangers at the National Arts and Humanities Month Pop-Up Culture Celebration Event

2015 Interactive 6'x8' art piece where participants fill in the DNA Gator with 'A, T, C, G' in collaboration with the Genetics Institute at the UF DNA Annual Celebration Event

2014 - 2016

2014 – 2016 Massive whiteboard recreations of famous paintings using expo markers and science course notes (Biology, Organic Chemistry, and Physics) in UF campus libraries to inspire students up late studying as well as in the Creativity in the UF Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) Science for Life Event, the Math, Art & Sciences (MASH) Event, and the Bishop Study Center at the Samuel P. Harn Museum

Starry, Starry Night recreated by writing biology lecture notes on a whiteboard during one late night studying in the library for an exam

Van Gogh's Self-Portrait recreated using chemistry lecture notes and displayed at the Harn Museum Math, Art & Sciences Event

The Scream painting recreated using physics lecture notes and displayed at the Harn Museum Math, Art & Sciences Event


2013 Several 3-D paintings exhibited at the International Baccalaureate Exhibition hosted by Bethune Cookman University