All About the AI, AI, AI


Artificial intelligence (AI) is taking the world by storm. 

I'm deeply interested in the technical, sociocultural, creative, business, and policy implications of global trends emerging across AI applications, computing infrastructure, and multinational tech policy. Here are some of my recent AI-related activities:


AI in Art Course

Sharing some of my reflections and artwork from taking Professor Lisa Park's course titled, "Design 5580: AI in Art: Redefining Creativity in the 21st Century".

AI for Immunology

Excitedly working on a domain-specific effort to showcase ways AI tools are impacting the way we do research in the Immunology field!

AI in Preserving Oral History

In my leadership role with Village Bridges, a youth heritage organization I co-founded with fellow young women from my diaspora community, I am leading an intense initiative to preserve An Bang Village's oral histories and traditions. 

AI in Our Lives Course

A collection of thoughts and outtakes from Professor Stefano Puntoni's MBA Marketing course titled, "MKTG 7790: AI in Our Lives: The Behavioral Science of Autonomous Technology".

AI Op-Ed

As part of the Perry World House Graduate Associates Program, I've been exploring AI's splash in policy & global affairs. Currently working on an op-ed piece about AI and the digital divide.